The delivery of complex upgrade projects across the property sector with speciality in Heritage Works, Fire Safety Upgrades, Complex Stakeholder Management and National Rollouts.

Our Expertise

  • Spatial Planning
  • Service Design
  • Part J Compliance
  • Fire Engineering Development
  • Early Contractor Involvement (ECI)
  • Initial Design Consultation
  • Design Brief Development
  • Concept Design Development
  • Cost Planning & Value Management
  • Design Coordination incl. Service & Structural
  • Detailed Design Documentation incl. FFE Schedules
Valen treat all stages of work proactively and the construction stage is no different. We use our industry leading and ISO accredited systems to ensure that all information and detail is available to those who need it, when they need it. We manage our contractor and consultant base while also managing upward with our client’s team to ensure the best outcomes are achieved on every given project.
The team at Valen Project Services are experienced in the delivery of projects across many sectors, including:
  • Aged Care
  • Commercial
  • Education & Childcare
  • Government
  • Healthcare 
  • Heritage
  • Industrial
  • Infrastructure
  • Sustainability (EV Charging, Energy Efficiency & More)

The team at Valen Project Services are experienced in the delivery of complex open-book / cost-plus projects and can work as your trusted partner to ensure a successful project outcome. We have several models that can be tailored to the client &/or project requirements including Gross Maximum Price (GMP), Fixed Margin & Fixed Preliminary & Overhead costs.

This approach is best suited to complex D&C projects with strict deadlines where prototyping is the best methodology in design. A good example is Fire Safety Upgrades or Fire Orders that are prerequisites to allow for tenant fit-outs or other such stages of work to occur.


Integrity and Accountability are core to our undertakings. All interactions with our team shall be professional, concise and relevant.

We are here to ensure optimal performance short to long term for your property portfolio.

Valen are your end-to-end project partners.