Providing Client-Side Project Management, Property Consultancy, and Superintendent services across the Property Sector.

Specialists within Strata, Commercial, Aged Care/Health, and Industrial Construction Management scopes. 

We manage a wide range of scopes not limited to: Building Upgrades (incl. Remedial), Development Control Orders (End-to-End Management of Fire Orders and similar), Services Upgrades, and Sustainability Upgrades (EV Charging/Solar/Energy Efficiency).

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project scopes we manage

  • Coordination of Preconstruction and Feasibility
    • Planning Requirements
    • DBP Act for Residential

  • Building Upgrade Projects
    • New Developments
    • Re-Development
    • Additions to Buildings
    • Work in Live/Inhabited Environments

  • Remedial Scopes not limited to:
    • Balconies
    • Balustrades
    • Façade
    • Roof
    • Waterproofing
    • Windows

Valen are experts in the Fire Compliance and Safety spaces. We have delivered numerous fire safety upgrades and closed out fire orders across commercial and residential properties alike.

Our insights allow us to optimally separate scopes and stage works to ensure progress is made against an order, appeasing council and other stakeholders (insurance underwriters etc) while longer lead items in design and procurement occur.

We have had positive experiences in engagement on voluntary basis for fire upgrades. The key benefit to owners here is that the timeline is set by themselves and not a council order, furthermore the owners and design team can usually come up with a full design for endorsement by council instead of having specific measures enforced on them by the order.

Development Control Orders:

  • Types of  Council Order
    • Fire Orders incl. High Risk Cladding Replacement
    • Control Orders for Structural and similar safety issues.

  • What Triggers an Order?
    • No AFSS – Council may request a BCA report as a stage 1 and then nominate the required extent of the order as a stage 2 order.
    • Failure to submit AFSS – order placed against the deficient measures.
    • Lodgement to planning portal  (CDC/DA) for change of use or extension/redevelopment of property can flag your building for review.
    • Visit by Fire Brigade with noted deficiencies (from emergency attendance from alarm or random check)

  • The Fire Order Lifecycle Process from issue to close out of an order:
    • Review of Council Order.
    • Meet with Council Representative as well as incumbent fire engineers/BCA consultants and associated building contractors onsite.
    • Review each deficiency and confirm intended methodology (DTS – Deemed to Satisfy or Performance Solution)
    • Determine if single or multiple packages of work.
    • Undertake design as required for each package of work.
    • Tender respective package(s) to suitable contractors.
    • Manage construction stage(s) to completion including any subsequent defects or latent conditions that need to be rectified.
    • Track all documentation and certification  (install or compliance certificates) from outset to close out each individual item on the order. 
    • Obtain Fire Safety Certificate including sign off by suitable Certifier/Fire Safety Professional.

Other Life Safety and Compliance Expertise:

  • BCA Compliance
  • DDA Consulting
  • Hazardous Works incl. Asbestos, Lead, CSE & other scopes.
  • Electrical Upgrades (Wiring, Mains, Substations, Switchboards)
  • EV Charging Infrastructure Retrofits
  • Data Retrofits (Access Control, Security & Data)
  • Fire Services Upgrades including AFSS Compliance
  • Hydraulic Upgrades (Pumps, Metering, Tanks, Mains Connections)
  • Mechanical Upgrades (HVAC Plant, Hot Water etc)
  • Lift Upgrades
  • NABERs and GBCA Ratings and Applications
  • Solar & Batteries Systems
  • Electric Vehicle Charging Infrastructure
    • Standalone slow (AC) /fast (DC) chargers
    • Networked carpark charging installations
  • Energy Efficiency – Power System Controllers, Power Factor Correction, Smart and Efficient Lighting, Upgrades to Hydraulic and Mechanical Infrastructure
  • Distributed Energy – Microgrids & Large Scale Solar/Battery Installations
  • Water Monitoring, Efficiency & Reuse

Valen have helped a multitude of Property Owners navigate the process of defect management claims. It is a complex and draining process but unfortunately a necessity on many recent buildings. We hope that with the introduction of the DBP Act that future residential buildings will not require such services.

Valen coordinate Minor and Major Defect Claims including:

  • Capture of Defect Data 
  • Reconciliation of information and identification of systemic issues
  • Engagement of expert witnesses
  • Coordination of expert witness reports and litigation compliant documentation
  • Coordination with legal representation in preparation for lodgement of claims (NCAT or higher)
  • Ongoing support throughout claim period
  • Coordination of builders in rectification of defects incl. coordination of independent engineering review/sign off as required.
  • In cases settled above NCAT level Valen can work with Building Owners to cost plan and optimise the outcomes from settlement figures incl. management of full design/tender/construction management of such corrective works.

Valen Project Services are an extension of your team and will be available to assist at every stage of the project journey.

We can support your project from feasibility through defect management and we recommend that our engagement is as early as practicable to maximise the benefit of our knowledge and resources.

There is no project too large or small for us to assist with and we can be engaged for one or all of the project stages. Get in touch with our team to understand more.

We have a diverse background and knowledge base as a team and can assist with any kind of project. We consider every project on it’s merit and price our works accordingly.

We focus on managing required stakeholders for optimal outcomes.

Our project management process

  • Independent, expert advisory on building, remedial & services matters
  • Preparation of consultant and document matrix
  • Procurement and review of consultant fee proposals
  • Coordination and Review of Initial Cost Planning
  • Coordination of detailed design incl. architectural, structural & services
  • Coordination of the planning approval process
  • Quality Assurance Review
  • Coordination of tender documentation
  • Issue Requests for Tender and perform site Briefings
  • Management of all Requests for Information & Tender Addenda
  • Tender Analysis and Comparison
  • Financial Risk Review of Head Contractors 
  • Contractor Award Recommendation
  • Quality Assurance Review 
  • Head Contract Execution (Superintendent)
  • Attendance of all site & PCG Meetings
  • Management of Requests for Information
  • Contract Administration incl. role of Superintendent to the Head Contract
  • Progress claim assessments & approvals incl. Quantity Surveying
  • Reporting to PCG in approved formats for all stakeholder groups
  • Handover & Defect Management incl. Operation & Maintenance Docs
  • Coordination of Principal Contractor for Final Occupation Certificate


Integrity and Accountability are core to our undertakings. All interactions with our team shall be professional, concise and relevant.

We are here to ensure optimal performance short to long term for your property portfolio.

Valen are your end-to-end project partners.


For Contractors and Consultants wishing to work with Valen please complete our Expression of Interest form and we will assess your application and look to consider you on future projects.