Our Business

Valen is the product of  integrity, quality, value, sustainability and best practice applied to the  construction and facilities industries.

Our Mission

Our mission is to work as an extension of client partners to achieve optimal project outcomes. 

Valen provides three key services to our client companies:

We offer turn-key solution for our clients from Concept to Construction to Maintenance of their assets.


The Valen team are your end to end project partners. Whether it be client-side support or construction management services we can complete comprehensive and complex projects with you or for you to ensure optimal project outcomes

core values

All interaction on behalf of Valen Project Services must be undertaken in an honest, ethical, and responsible manner. Valen shall act on behalf of customers as an extension of their teams. Whether it be client-side or project delivery, we hold ownership, responsibility and accountability for all actions and ensure that no issue is left for customers to manage without Valen support.

Valen are a top tier service provider with quality deliverables as the determining factor between us and the rest of the industries that we operate in. Valen representatives shall take suitable time to ensure that all deliverables meet the necessary quality standards. Valen shall strive to be the best at what we do.

Value shall be provided to customers on all Projects and/or interactions. While we are a business with commercial requirements and targets, we must ensure to share all relevant information and knowledge to ensure our customers and other stakeholders always maximise the benefit of their interaction with Valen. Services provided by Valen shall always be fair and reasonable in their value.


“The Valen Project Services Team have been great to deal with. From start to finish, the quality and communication were second to none”

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