Valen Business Management Systems – ISO Accreditation to 9001, 14001 & 45001

ISO Accreditation

Valen Project Services dedicated key resources for the second half of 2021 to develop and implement our new Business Management Systems and Technology Platforms, including training of our teams across our Client-Side and Project Delivery divisions.

In January 2022, Valen obtained ISO Accreditation for Quality, Environmental & Safety through BSI, the Original Standards Accreditation body.

Simultaneously we undertook a detailed and custom implementation of Procore across our entire business operations and we are looking forward to demonstrating just how efficient our systems and processes can be now and into the future.

Valen are looking to now use scalable systems to allow focus of collective energies on refining and improving our service and project deliverables to our current clients, and exploring opportunities to provide new clients with superior project outcomes through our innovative and market leading systems.

We want to thank our dedicated Valen staff for their commitment to the company vision and the improvements and efficiencies that these new systems will provide, and their embodiment of the Valen mantra: “Always ask; how can we be better?”

What makes our Business Management Systems different?

  • Paperless Systems from Day One – Systems are Accessible, Efficient, and only the latest versions are available for reference.
  • Concise and Comprehensive Documents and Forms are used to capture and workflow information automatically through our systems to eliminate the need for data entry roles and large administration teams.
  • Streamlined Induction Processes for Staff, Contractor and Consultant Businesses and their Staff Alike.
  • Rigorous and automated vetting of all stakeholders pre-engagement with automatic triggers and reminders for expired documents and inductions.
  • Custom solutions within our own BMS as well as Procore provide us efficiencies for our own team, keeping our staff focused on their area of expertise and ensuring that all project deliverables are provided on time in consistent and user friendly formats.

Most importantly our Structured Systems are infinitely scalable and implemented in such a manner that the only way to complete a process is the right way. In the longer term this will afford Valen the opportunity to grow with industry demand and also move between sectors effortlessly.

Valen ISO Accreditation

Copies of our accreditations available here