ValenX is the next generation of asset management platform. We integrate with industry leading companies and suppliers to bring together the best minds and ideas to provide an optimised product for our clients.

Our Expertise

  • Centralised platform for all contractors to come to you
  • Industry leading asset naming and location coding
  • Geospatial mapping of every asset in 2D or 3D
  • Default testing regimes to suit building type and use
  • Alignment with Australian Standards (AS1851 & Others)
  • Fire Panel Monitoring
    • Monitor Isolations
    • Be informed of faults and pre-alarms
    • Obtain confirmation of compliant testing regimes against AS1851
  • Smart Emergency & Exit Lighting
    • Dimming LED for exceptional efficiency
    • Self Testing
    • Automated reports
    • Tests run outside of business hours
    • Defects nominate corrective requirements
    • Up to 5 years warranty on products
  • Energy Consumption Monitoring
    • Obtain Data
    • Negotiate better rates
    • Understand your property’s operating envelope for EV Charging & Other planning
  • Pseudo BMS – Monitoring of any devices with NO / NC, 4-20mA & other contacts
    • Pumps & Floats/Level Sensors
    • Access Control
    • Temperature Control
    • etc
  • Lidar Scanning to generate 3D point clouds for internal and external of buildings:
    • Overlay asset data
    • Overlay hazmat reports
    • Automate asset collection (future)
  • AI interface for condition updates (e.g. crack propagation).


Integrity and Accountability are core to our undertakings. All interactions with our team shall be professional, concise and relevant.

We are here to ensure optimal performance short to long term for your property portfolio.

Valen are your end-to-end project partners.