Application of Baseline Data and Performance Standards – AS1851.2012


AS1851-2012 is an Australian Standard for the routine servicing of fire protection systems and equipment.


To ensure that fire services installations are maintained in a state of operational readiness.

Enforcement Date / Relevance

EP&A Regulations Changes 22/23. Recent changes mandate compliance with AS1851-2012 from February 2025. Refer to the below table.

Understanding Baseline Data

Definition: Baseline data is the initial set of data collected to represent the “starting point” of a fire system’s performance.

Importance: Serves as a reference point for future inspections, maintenance, and assessments.

What Constitutes Baseline Data?

  • System design specifications
  • Installation details
  • Commissioning reports
  • Initial performance results
  • Configuration settings
  • Equipment make, model, and specifications
  • Fire Engineered Performance Solutions

Keeping Baseline Data Relevant and Utilising It

Regular updates: Ensure that the baseline data is kept current.

Comparisons: Use baseline data for comparison against routine service results.

Identifying Trends: Monitor changes over time to predict potential issues.

Compliance: Use baseline data to demonstrate compliance with AS1851-2012.

Challenges Maintaining Baseline Data

  • Accessibility: Ensure data is easily accessible and well-organized.
  • Accuracy: Regularly validate the data for accuracy.
  • Data Management: Employ data management software.
  • Regular Auditing: Conduct audits to ensure compliance with AS1851-2012.
  • Training: Ensure maintenance staff are trained in collecting and maintaining baseline data.
  • Continuity of Asset Data
  • High Level Testing Regimes

How Can Valen Fire Help?

We have exceptional knowledge of AS1851.2012 and can assist property owners and facility/building managers better understand their asset maintenance requirements. Our key advice is to start immediately, don’t expect to get your asset data together overnight but start collating information and fixing up easily accessible areas of your building before it becomes mandated in 2025.

Reach out to our team for assistance via [email protected]